Monday, April 30, 2007


I am going through my mounds of "stuff" I've been issued. I was happy to hear I could turn in most of my NBC gear, so that's less to carry. I shipped out some of my flashlights, including my largest Black Bear uber light, and three of my knives, Thursday, as well as a large box filled with letters, blankets, and some civilian or extra clothing.

Part of the problem, is in not knowing exactly what I'll be required to turn in. My "TA 50", which is field gear like sleeping bag system and rucksack, will of course be returned, but will my uniforms be required? My thermal underwear, all 9 sets or so, of it? My three or four pairs of boots? I just don't know. I also don't know if I'll have a problem bringing back some of the accessories I brought or had mailed to me, even though they're clearly (to an expert eye) not issue .mil parts.

Don't you hate moving? I might like being someplace new, but the process always seems to suck.

Two days ago, I was considering begging to be taken off patrol squad, not just because my back was killing me from long hours in the turrent, but because I was tired of dealing with Grant's often petulant and sometimes downright foolish self. Yesterday, I was on a convoy to Ph@enix (not with the patrol squad), and then worked a tower guard shift. I thought that I had been moved out of PS because another member had returned (and they don't seem to realize I have a military driver's license, making me more useful), but last night, I was relieved by two PS members, so...???

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