Friday, April 27, 2007

Son of a...

Last night, I was talking to Sergeant Young, and he said they'd probably get me over to Phoenix for outprocessing on the 28th. I went on to play two games of volleyball with the Germans, and helped by my four-hour nap, kept a fairly upbeat attitude even through our late patrol. Even on the ride back, my lower back in knots from being hunched over the surveillance equipment (spotted: one fat woman, two men on bicyles, one dog, goats) and thrown around in the turrent, I encouraged myself by thinking, Just one more day, just one more day.

Today, after PMCSing our HMMWVs, I wandered around trying to find some way to attach the wheels back on my job box. (Since I was going back individually, I would have to take all my gear with me. This would help ensure nothing got lost, but would also be a pain in that units ship about half their gear back a couple of months before they leave country- I would be carting something on the order of 200 lbs of gear.) Someone suggested I check with the CP. In the CP, I was told that I was no longer scheduled to return individually, but that I would be going back with a group.

Oh, @#$%. I'm glad, I suppose, that I might not have to take all of the ridiculously overprepared gaggle of gear (I have almost an entire duffle bag filled with nothing but NBC gear, for instance. I know we're at enormous risk of nuclear, chemical and biological attack here in A-stan, but sheesh!)back with me, but this complicates things hugely. Even more distressing, I have more time in country. More chance to get hurt. More chance to die. More time in the hardest-working unit in the camp.

I should have realized things were going too smoothly. The Army could cock up a wet dream.


HollyB said...

Like my Daddy used to say, "SNAFU". And I KNOW you know what that stands for.

phlegmfatale said...

We're pulling for you here.

Tam said...

Why is it always so hard to get transferred to Fort Livingroom?

J.R.Shirley said...

Oh,yeah, Holly.

Thank you.

I dunno, T-bird. I'd settle for transfer to YOUR or Mikey's quarters, even!