Friday, October 28, 2011

Battle Creek Thoughts

I'm getting DLA training in Michigan, and the cold is moving in. I was happy to find that the training is specifically focused on the job I'll be doing while deployed.

It's interesting to see that the women in this area tend to have a unique facial construction.

And, it's good to be back on active duty.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wandering to AZ

I went to Gunsite three weeks ago with three friends. Training is good. Good training is better. I'd rate this training as pretty darn good, and the mindset as excellent. More thoughts on the trip at Seek Cover.

I really enjoyed hanging out with friends. In our modern world- or perhaps, especially in my nomadic existence- spending time with good friends just seems too rare an occasion. I really treasure the times I can spend.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Little Soviets and Americans

There is a post up at Seek Cover about a deal running on S&W
ar-15 uppers at CDNN. And history, philosophy, and stuff.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dust in the Wind

Thursday I received notification that my orders had been approved. I'm heading back to Afghanistan in short order. I've been to Afghanistan before. It wasn't the hardest thing I've done, but I was incredibly happy to leave. I'm hoping this time, as an officer doing something that requires some thought, will be even better.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Late September Movie Round-up

(Late, late September. So late, it's not even in September.)

X-Men: First Class I wanted to watch this movie. I've seen the other movies in the series, and-well- it just looked neat, too. While the film obstensibly follows the initial formation and history of the X-Men (with some license: I don't think some of the characters were original X-Men), it really seems to be more correctly titled "The Rise of Magneto" as the film begins with, and ultimately connects the viewer emotionally to, Eric Lehnsherr.

The major problem with First Class is suspension of disbelief. Not of super-heroes, but of the actions of various participants. I can make myself believe in superpowers enough to be entertained, but the screenwriters for First Class have both humans and mutants doing and saying things they absolutely would not. This annoys me incredibly.

In the case of Charles Xavier, the authors of the script have made the mistake of writing for someone supposedly in the rarest, stratospherically high percentile of intelligence on the planet. And they are not up to the task. "True focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity, " Xavier solemnly pronounces to Michael Fassbender as Erik Lehnsherr. Oh, yeah? You know what lies somewhere between rage and serenity? I call it (drum roll) Since we know "true focus lies in life" is an incredibly stupid comment, the writers should have stuck to more plebeian tasks, like writing a plot that made a lick of sense. Or understanding the total force output of 20 submachine guns and 1 66mm rocket.

Didn't happen.

3 of 5 stars for mostly good actors and blinky lights (really, incredible special effects).

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

One day, entire movies will be able to be charactered by CGI with reasonable believability. That day has not yet arrived. Rise is pretty good for what it is: a moody drama about the nature of the soul and man's hubris. If such be your poison, go. Watch.

3 of 5 stars.

Hannah is another superhero story. If you can dig escapism, it's not bad once. And Eric Bana always reminds me of a basset hound, so there's that.

Yet another 3/5 stars.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

If you like silly, sometimes gross humor, this is the movie for you. It should be fairly inoffensive to most, and okay for all but very young kids who are frightened of movie monsters, especially zombies.

Really not doing this on purpose~ 3/5 stars.

Chris Evans, who lit up the screen as The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies, plays the ultimate good guy in yeoman fashion. This isn't the most enjoyable super hero movie ever- that's probably Iron Man- but it's not bad. I give extra style points for Hugo Weaving's casting as the bad guy.

3.5/5 stars.

Super 8

Coming of age or monster flick? It's both! With impressive acting by a couple of youngsters, this film mostly gets credit from me by the treatment of the film to make it look like it was shot in the early 80s. With an almost preternaturally morally good main character, some parts of this movie don't stand up well to scrutiny, but it's not a bad flick once.

3/5 stars.