Sunday, January 21, 2007

Little Known Facts

From my good friend Matt G "disclose five little-known facts about yourself, then tag five more bloggers to keep the chain going."

1. Um, okay. 2.? No. Since I usually have a fervent wish to descend with wrath and hellfire upon chain lettering of every stamp, I will not further such activity.

I don't know that there are little-known facts about me. I honestly (shamelessly?) disclose almost everything about myself with little reserve, so I don't know there's much left to tell- but here goes.

1. I love jazz. Of all types. I probably most prefer sweet jazz, but like almost all varieties of music that could be described as jazz. The first time I heard Norah Jones, I literally stopped breathing for a moment, it was so beautiful.

2. I love movies. I love reading very much, but a good movie is one of my favorite things in the world.

3. I cry easily.

4. I am not especially tough by my definition, but I can almost certainly take you in a fight. Probably even you and your best friend.

5. Having healthy and happy children may be my most cherished goal.