Sunday, March 13, 2011


So far, the hardest thing about BOLC has been the PT. We took a diagnostic APFT the first Thursday. The group average was a dismal 189 (the minimum passing score on the current APFT is 180, 60% in each of the three events). Almost 1/3 of the class failed.

It was barely above freezing, but I managed a 251. I'll do better next time.

LAPG 3-Day Pack

A review of the LA Police Gear 3-Day Backpack is up on Seek Cover.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fun (not)!

Moving is pretty much my least favorite thing in the world. It's kind of like a mega-flu: you feel it coming on, then it screws your life up. And then, (if you're me), it takes months to recover. Sometimes, it must be done, though.

I loved a lot of things about living in Springfield. I was one mile from the interstate, with a quick and easy commute to work. I was one mile from Trader Joe's, stores, and a variety of restaurants. I was the same distance from the American Legion, and could walk there for breakfast, lunch, or a beer. I loved the trees in the neighborhood, the country feel of the back yard, and watching the birds, foxes, squirrels, and deer. I even enjoyed watching this intrepid visitor:

Springfield was a good value for me in a lot of ways, but there are always tradeoffs: little personal or storage space, finicky stovetop burners, sharing washing machine and dryer. And Springfield ended up being too far away from at least one person I wanted to spend more time with.

So...moving. Again. And since I was abruptly given an opportunity to attend BOLC eight months early, I had a minimum of prep and move time. But it's almost spring, and I'll be in a space with plenty of room, and good I will "endeavor to persevere." ;-)

We had furious winds about 10 days ago. As I was exiting my apartment building, a gentleman outside beckoned me to hurry. This was why: