Thursday, April 12, 2007

HALO, Ringo

I have read the first four of John Ringo's Legacy of the Aldenata series. The last two books I read in a day each. The next book in the series was cowritten with "Mad" Mike Williamson, who's been kind enough to e-converse with me a bit. I greatly enjoyed Mike's Freehold, so I really look forward to The Weapon.

I've been fortunate to have friends that have exposed me to good SciFi authors. Another excellent SciFi author is Orson Scott Card. I read Ender's Game years ago, and now, thanks to my cousin Pam, I have the sequel, Speaker For The Dead. My anthropology minor is giving me some additional thoughts about some of the subject material.

I've been playing X-box 360 with Deke sometimes in the last week. I played cooperative play with him (working through levels together) in HALO after the first day. Deke is much better than I in most aspects, but turns whiney if you run a string of victories against him. (He actually started punching the bed like a toddler after I offed him for the 7th time in a row. I just stood there and let him execute my player when his character respawned.)

Anyway, we played all the way through HALO I two days ago, and tonight, through HALO II. We've also been playing "Need for Speed", too. That's usually a good choice because I like racing games, and I can have fun racing, even if I'm not winning.

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