Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Request

We have four guys who are "kitchen help" here. What that really means is that they do the work, with oversight from a US cook. They're good guys, in their midteens, hardworking and quick to laugh and joke with us. Their English is heavily weighted towards vulgarisms they've been taught. It's common to get a cheery "What's up, bitches?" as we enter the chow hall in the morning for breakfast.

They have a request. I was sent a pair of S&W shooting/sunglasses. These glasses are spectacularly ugly, but they do protect my eyes, which is why I wanted them. Well, the kitchen guys want glasses, too.

So, if anyone wants to send four pairs of cheap wrap-around sunglasses, send me an email, and I'll give you an address that should cut at least three weeks- and up to a couple of months- off shipping time.


Matt G said...

Heh. The glasses couldn't hurt the apron look. :)

The look like fine boys. He'p 'em with their verbal etiquite, John. They may be future goodwill ambassadors. (Like a certain over-educated mortarman I know.)

charlotte g said...

I seldom shop, as I hate it and also am troubled with arthritis--but if you can do what you're doing, I can shop and mail sunglasses for the boys. How do we do this? my post is currently down, although I CAN receive comments. Do I need to send my regular e-mail address? FYI, I am Matt G.'s mama. I've linked to you, as I like to read you daily. Wrap around sunglasses I understand, wearing contact lens myself in the Southwest. If there is a particular brand or place to get them, please inform. Honest, I am a true American, but the shopping component wasn't inserted in my patriotism. Blessings.

gravertom said...

Hi John,

It seems like you are moving a lot now? It's too late to send you stuff, as it sounds like you are getting ready to come home soon?

If there is anything that the guys need, or would help you in the last little bit, I would like to help. Sorry to have been delinquent thus far.


if you need my new e-mail, let me know. I still get stuff at the old address too.

phlegmfatale said...

I'll send some glasses. I love the sound of "what's up, bitches?" Makes me think of Dave Chapelle.

phlegmfatale said...

Uh oh, I don't have your email. Send me one to the address on my profile, and I'll send you some sunglasses for these guys. Need anything else?

J.R.Shirley said...

Well, shucks. Matt, they know they're being vulgar. They only say things like that around those they know won't be offended.

NLW, I sent an email to Matt with the address. In general, cheap safety sunglasses can be found at WalMart and large home improvement stores.

Tom (and everyone), I'm not really moving- I'm still on top of a mountain about 90 miles from B@gram- it's just that my chain of command (and also supply) doesn't really take care of us. The address I'm giving out is for another of the groups attached to the same base. They usually get mail in just over two weeks, but I don't want to overload them with my personal mail.

Phlegm, they also like to jokingly accuse others of being gay, too, but I didn't know if the humor would cross the language barrier in type. :-) If you would like to send some glasses as well, there are others here (like Fareed), who could use them.

Tom said...

So, we can send you stuff to what address, or do you just want to wait until you get stateside to get anything else?

I'm mostly easily confused anymore.