Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I have come to believe we should only call it "intelligence" if it comes true. We, therefore, receive little, and 7th Gr*up obviously has none. This is the same Gr*up that had us prepared to repulse a 300-400 man attack at a specific time, shortly after assuming control of the camp.

Right, like that happened. We hadn't even heard of the village these guys were supposed to be coming from. I think it was a local version of "Crank Yankers": Um, yeah, we have some information for you... There are about four hundred insurgents coming to attack you from, um, Podunk. (suppressing giggles) They'll be attacking in exactly one hour, forty-five minutes, from, um, all directions. Yes, in the rain. Be ready.

At least that night set the tone for what we could expect. It's so gratifying not to be disappointed, right?

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