Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This week in the news

I don't usually try to think about politics too much, because it depresses me. While we have had some positive changes for gun owners in particular during the last few years, we as Americans have actually lost more ground than we've gained. The Patriot Act, especially has encroached on our rights more than at any time since the McCarthy era of anti-commie hysteria.
McCarran Act
And, for the hell of it, here's a picture of Ronnie Reagan testifying before HUAC.

Larry Correia recaps our presidential choices here. If you want to laugh while you're crying, check it out.

Maybe statements like these- given over thirty years before he would become president- are why so many people feel Ronal Reagan was one of the greatest presidents ever:

"99 percent of us are pretty well aware of what is going on, and I think, within the bounds of our democratic rights and never once stepping over the rights given us by democracy, we have done a pretty good job in our business of keeping those people's activities curtailed. After all, we must recognize them at present as a political party. On that basis we have exposed their lies when we came across them, we have opposed their propaganda, and I can certainly testify that in the case of the Screen Actors Guild we have been eminently successful in preventing them from, with their usual tactics, trying to run a majority of an organization with a well organized minority. In opposing those people, the best thing to do is make democracy work."

In general, I think that's a good policy. Have something that works better than anything else.

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phlegmfatale said...

The truth is eternal. Great quote, that.