Monday, October 29, 2007


From Marko, we find the story of a Salem woman who was attacked by a scumbag, right next to an apartment building. Emo boy Keith Cole whines about someone being willing to take another's humanity, but evidently did absolutely nothing. A car with three young males and two females stopped and rendered assistance, in the form of calling the police while a royal ass-kicking was administered to 37-y/o Paul Landingham.

Mr. Cole, you're absolutely right, it's despicable that someone would do that to another. You know what's almost as bad? Whiny pansies that won't help someone desperately in need, but who have the gall to look pitiful for the tv cameras. Stop breathing my air.


Unknown said...

I had the same thought when I watched the video.

"So what were you doing while you listened to the woman getting raped, you jelly-filled wimp?"

Matt G said...

Exactly. At the very least, he did say that he was thankful for them.

Sound silly? Trust me, a truly off-base Emo Boy will say "I just can't believe what's happening around here! First a poor woman gets attacked, then there's all this senseless violence in the streets from these three thugs that just beat him up! Did you see that man's face? I mean, he shouldn't have been doing that, but they could have just held him until the police got there."

Think it can't happen? Check out this video of Esteban Carpio, who killed a detective that was questioning him about stabbing an 81 year old woman, then jumped out a third story window. Note how not only the family, but the reporters are whining about how "this kid took quite a beating." Carpio was 26 years old, and had murdered an old woman and a police detectice. Kid? And evidently, the reporters were able to determine that the trauma came from improper force used on him, rather than in the 60 foot leap from the window, and the completely correct reapprehension of the guy.

If those reporters were on this case, I PROMISE you that they would be commenting on the fact that the poor rapist had been beaten. He was only acting on his urges-- can't anyone see that?