Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dog Paddlin'

This weekend, I was the floor supervisor for the first time at Fort Classified. As I waited for my floor staff to arrive, I realized we had two birthdays, a special event in the movie theater, and we needed two people to help CEO Reginald Dumas at an event at a local school.
And I had five people. You do the math.

Since I didn't end up running the entire building by myself, I guess things must have worked out, mostly thanks to having coworkers that came through for me. Stressful, but if you can pull these things off, it certainly looks good.

I've been feeling like I'm drowning lately. I have lab hours of observation and participation I have to complete in a local high school, so I've been arriving at the school around 0715, sitting in a couple of classes, and then getting to work before 1000. I have two more classes beginning next Monday, and I'm already behind.

I reluctantly went to talk to Blue Leader today. He has been very willing to work with me on my hours, and I know I'm his Great White Hope. I hated to disappoint him by telling him I needed to reduce my hours, but he took it well. I'm dropping from five (or seven, this past week!) days a week down to three. I'll miss the money, of course, but I'm so relieved to know I'll have time to get all my work done.

Jordy and I leave Wednesday to meet with the Graduate Department at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. It's a nice area, and UNCG is our "safe school".

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phlegmfatale said...

It's good that you bit the bullet and decided to reduce work hours, even if it will be painful financially. It's better to take stock with a clear head than to reach a point where you are totally overwhelmed. Just break your tasks down into discrete, quantifiable units.