Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Politics and Humor

What's funny about politics? Not too damn much. That's why I'm so impressed when someone can make a political point with humor, as this snip from buddy Larry Correia shows:

In Utah news, we’re having a vote on Referendum 1 next week. It is about whether we should have vouchers in school, which allows parents to take some of that education tax money per kid, and use it to send their kid to a school of their choosing. This of course freaks out the teacher’s unions, because you know, competition is great in every other facet of life in the friggin’ universe, but is BAD in education. I swear that I actually heard the following radio commercial from the teacher’s union.

Concerned Mother: I hear Referendum 1 will cause vouchers, and those will hurt Utah kids.

Concerned Father; Yes, because choice in education is BAD, and will hurt Utah kids. I feel this with my strong emotions.

Concerned Mother: Yes, because private, religious, and charter schools are allowed to beat Utah children with phonebooks. This will take money from public schools, which will cause outbreaks of hoof and mouth disease.

Concerned Father: And private schools teachers aren’t even required to be certified, or pay union dues! This means that Donald Rumsfeld will come to school and actually water board your children.

Concerned Mother: The governor is mad, insane, drunk with power, and must be stopped!

Concerned Child: Mommy… Donald Rumsfeld touched me inappropriately…

Concerned Mother: NOOOO!!!!

Concerned Announcer: Vote no on Referendum 1. Brought to you by the Utah Education Association, George Soros, and the Reptoids of the Hollow Earth.

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Matt G said...

Damn, but that's funny stuff.