Monday, October 1, 2007

Chariots and Debt

Big Daddy and I spent most of two days this weekend looking at car lots. Jordy had to work, so when we finally ended getting geared up to buy a new Kia Spectra Saturday, she had to rush down to the dealership after leaving work.

The paperwork wasn't signed, but we took the car home. She was very happy. Sunday, Big Daddy said he wanted to look around at some other dealerships, to be sure we were getting the best deal possible. We drove a Toyota Yaris (a neat little ride) all the way down to Fort Classified, and Jordy came downstairs for a short test drive. The Yaris is a great vehicle, but she thought she liked the amenities of the Spectra better.

Jordy came down to the Toyota lot after leaving work, and I pointed out an 07 Chrysler Sebring with 20K miles. She liked its looks, and took it for a spin. Big Daddy, Ryan the Hungover Sales Guy, and I all knew how she felt about it when she started humming a few minutes into the drive!

We got a pretty decent price for the Sebring, but the horrible interest rate made the payments more than the low, low monthly payments for the Spectra, despite its higher sticker price. Still, Jordy loves the car and it should serve us well.


Matt G said...

It's a sweet, sweet ride. Convertible or hardtop?

J.R.Shirley said...

Hardtop. Convertibles are the devil.

phlegmfatale said...

Yup, the humming is a very good sign. Congrats on the new, sweet ride!

Unknown said...

"Convertibles are the devil."

I didn't know that. I wondered why you refused to borrow mine.:)

HollyB said...

"Convertibles are the devil." Well, then mark me down as a Devil Worshipper! I lurve me some ragtop. My Sebring is of the 'vertible variety. When I got it last year, it only had 6700, yes, 67hundred miles on its '04 self. I still love it, 13 months later.