Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Near Miss

Monday evening I was listening to The Cure while tooling along in my new Grand Am. As I crossed Riverwatch Parkway, a VW Beetle started to turn in front of me. I honked my horn, and then, as the Beetle actually turned, my instant mental replay gave me an image of green turn signals. I was arrowing through a busy intersection at fifty miles an hour, and I had just run a red light.

I swerved to my left to dodge the Beetle, immediately punching the accelerator and swerving again to dart into the nearest turn lane ahead of the full-size SUV that was turning. I made it, but god, was I embarrassed!

Friend Byron says he'd rather be lucky than good, but I prefer good. I'll take lucky in a pinch, though.


phlegmfatale said...

In any case, I'm glad you were lucky just then.

Unknown said...

Good is good but lucky is better. It's just that I've seen people who were better than I mess up while I waltzed through with luck.

Doesn't mean I intend to depend on luck. Just means that luck can get you through situations that skill won't.

AnthroAnge said...

Grand Am is a good choice! Driving like you are still in Afghan. is not (I had a similar incident in a grocery parking lot after returning from Ghana).