Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Jordy and I helped a very large distributor at the Blade Show in Atlanta Thursday through Saturday. Jordy had never been to one before, and I was a little concerned that she might be stressed and somewhat bored. There probably were some moments of boredom, but we both had fun, despite being extremely busy almost the entire time.

At the Show, I got a chance to see Kim Breed and John Greco again, and introduce Jordy to them. I also was able to see some of my friends from the Himalayan Imports forum, and a few other friends. Jordy learned very rapidly, and despite working with hundreds of knives, only received one tiny prick from an automatic knife that she said "literally jumped out of the box at me!"

There were so many knives at our booth, they couldn't fit into six display cases! As we began selling some knives, I was finally able to pull out all of the Spyderco knives, price them, and put them in the case. I can't help being enthusiastic about these knives: not only do they have great steel, ergonomic design, and fair prices, but they're sold by friendly people. I sold a lot of them, because I know a good bit about the line, and I can honestly say I've used them in some difficult situations.

I finally found D. Hoskin's table Saturday. He had an ax that he built for me, a really nifty looking piece that somehow manages to look both "tactical" and medieval at the same time. I stepped up to the table with a smile.
"Mr. Hoskins, do you know where I could find a good tommyhawk?"
He smiled back.
"I sure do- and this one's yours!"

He told me to take the ax, but since he was here at the Show, I left it with him, so he could keep showing it until the end. He didn't come back to the show Sunday, but he did call me this morning to apologize for leaving without giving me the 'hawk, and explain he had an emergency back at home that had required him. He's already sent the 'hawk out, and included a knife because making the ax took so long! Good people.

Sunday afternoon, my friend Doug D. came to the Show. It was great to see him, and after the Show closed, he spent the next five hours helping us pack knives, and move display cases. After dinner, Jordy and I headed for Nashville, fortunately arriving alive.


Unknown said...

I'd love to see some pics of the axe when you get it!

Don said...

Hoskins should watch himself--now you know it's more profitable to avoid him at the next show and guilt him into free knives.