Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oleg and Tamara

After arriving in Nashville very, very late (or extremely early), I finally reached my great friend Oleg's place. A bonus was that Tamara was also visiting, and local friend
Frank was kind enough to not only show up, but to help me with a few gun-related projects over the next couple of days.

Besides seeing my friends, I was also happy to be able to pick up a hunting rifle Frank, a firearms dealer, had been holding for me. I should have pictures soon.

There are few things as joyful as reunions with good friends. Perhaps the fates will see me living in TN at some point in the future.


Oleg Volk said...

From your lips to fate's ears!

Tam said...

UT is a good school.

[cryptic]Housing may be available nearby.[/cryptic]