Friday, June 29, 2007

Fourth Branch

I just wanted to say that (1) Vice President Cheney is an idiot;
(2) He doesn't understand- or deliberately ignores- the Constitution.

That is all.


Unknown said...

Dick Cheney is for George Bush the same thing Dan Quayle was for G.W.'s father when he was President-an insurance policy.

Who, in their right mind, would assassinate George Bush when Dick Cheney is slavering in the wings to take over?

J.R.Shirley said...

Only Danny Boy was not evil incarnate, only stupid.

Unknown said...

True, but he was sooo stupid.

Matt G said...

Byron and John, I strongly believe that Dan Quayle was one of the most underestimated humans on the planet. Whatever your talents may be, one doesn't get to be a senator these days if one is an idiot. Quayle fell victim to a major media campaign dedicated to proving that he was a moron. If I had a bunch of cameras on me and reporters eager to write up every nit-picking little faux pas that I made, I guarentee you that the world would marvel that I was allowed to walk about in public unassisted, more less have a driver license or a position as a peace officer.

So, what is the specific issue that causes you to point out Cheney's inattention to Article 2, Section 1?

LawDog said...

There is a Presidential Executive Order concerning the security of various classifed documents amongst the Executive Branch.

The VPOTUS has decided that since he is the ex officio President of the Senate, that he is actually part of the Legislative Branch of the Government -- and, thus, beyond the scope of an Executive Order, or Executive Branch watchdogs, and has refused to allow the oversight team to inspect his office.

The Legislative Branch has decided that this is their business and, instead of going to the POTUS (the head of the Executive Branch) and saying, "Hey, George, he's yours, he's ingnoring your order, it's embarrasing -- get him under control." they dropped some ominous hints and sicced the Media on the VPOTUS.