Saturday, June 23, 2007


I've been looking for another vehicle. This must be an easier task if one has abundant funds and doesn't care if you're actually getting a reasonable value.

After looking at various cars, and a few trucks and SUVs (Jordy hated the Jeep Cherokee), I bought an '01 Grand Am (Jordy loved it). I wasn't overly enthused with it, but after picking it up, I'm becoming increasingly happy. I hope that continues.

The car that I borrowed to use while searching for another vehicle has finally been repaired from its unfortunate collision with a loaded hotel luggage cart. A bad and stressful experience all around, but I'm supposed to receive some AR lowers in payment for my repair costs. I trust the friends that receive the lowers will be happy.


Tam said...

The Grand Am should make a reliable people-moving pod. Plus, they're kinda sporty-looking in that Pontiac boy-racer sorta way.


Don said...

You could do worse. I still have the Grandpa Car.