Tuesday, February 19, 2008


LawDog has a post up on his blog about Tasers. Now, when he and I say Taser, we are speaking of a certain product, not using a generic term for "stun gun". A Taser fires probes a short distance- up to about 15 feet- which then deliver current into the target, incapacitating it.

I personally like Tasers quite a bit, but like every other tool, they have limitations. In the summer of 2005, I went up against a Taser. For, um, science.

From my perception, Tasers are likely to completely stop an assailant at least temporarily, but other options should be ready. In my case, I took the hit while charging, lost motor control, fell down, got back up, and attempted to resume the attack. This experience leads me to conclude that a Taser can be a helpful, but not complete tool for the self-protection toolbox. If you are forced to use one defensively, be prepared to immediately follow up with other options, whether that means running or transitioning to more permanently effective tools.

The after-effects of a sore jaw (from a friend who told me he- for some reason- "aimed at the upper chest") and small scar were not pleasant. The Taser darts are barbed, somewhat like a fish hook, and caution should be exercised with them. I would not suggest deliberately shooting anyone with them for training purposes, unless emergency personnel were standing by, on the off chance of some type of electrically-induced heart problem. In such circumstance, eye protection should be worn.

I'll talk about pepper spray sometime soon.


Assrot said...

Unfortunately, I don't think the general, law abiding public can buy the kind of Taser that law enforcement carries around.

As for the other ones that you see on the market that you have to touch somebody with rather than firing darts, don't waste your money.

I bought a few of these for my wife and two daughters. I wanted to make sure they worked so as you say "for science" I had them stun me with them.

Those things in no way even slowed me down. As a matter of fact, it just hurt so bad that it pissed me off.

I'm a big guy (6'-4", 285 lbs) so maybe thats why those stun guns don't work too good on me. I let my wife "stun" me 5 separate times and it just made me mad as hell.

She tried it on my neck, my bare chest, my arm, my leg and my bare back. The only one that even came near to slowing me down was the one to the back because she did it at the base of my spine. That froze my legs up for about 3 seconds and almost made me soil my pants.

I am thinking that a Taser and a stun gun are two very different things. I can't speak on the Taser that law enforcement carries since I have never been hit with one and am not really interested after watching some of the training videos my law enforcement family members have.

I just taught my wife and daughters how to shoot and defend themselves and sent them to CCW class. They all three carry a gun all the time as do I where ever it is legal to do so.

Teach your loved ones how to shoot and be safe with a gun. Send them to a CCW class and some good self defense classes. Buy them a nice little carry gun. Stay away from them useless stun guns and pepper sprays.

I've seen to many people keep charging after the pepper spray was emptied in their face. I don't think it is a viable self defense tool.

My 2 cents.


J.R.Shirley said...


I have to agree that firearms are still the best overall defensive tool. It's my understanding that the cartridges the Tasers fired were all similar, regardless of model.

I do think that pepper spray can be extremely effective, but again, you can't rely too much on any to.

Matt G said...

Joe, there is significant difference between a "stun gun" and a Taser. The pulse is different. I agree-- stun guns piss me off more than anything.

Yes, general public CAN buy cop tasers. Go see Cheaper Than Dirt.

Also, the new C2 gives a 30 second pulse, instead of the X26 taser, which gives a 5 second pulse. After a 30 second ride, no one's going to be in any position to run down their attempted victim.

So the drill is: Taze, drop it, run. Or, if you're more of a mind to, Taze, drop it, and begin giving the boots.