Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Holster Suggestions

I'm looking for carry leather (or even better, plastic) for a 2.5" Taurus 431, and a S&W 4043.

Please don't tell me that "any K or L frame S&W holster" will fit my Taurus. I have an excellent little DeSantis for my model 65, and the 431's trigger guard will not fit it, or the much cheaper K frame holster I have.

I thought I once owned a 4043, but upon reflection, think it was probably actually a 4053. I believe I traded it for an AK, back in 1995.


SpeakerTweaker said...

Well, I was going to be proud to be the first to jump in and point you towards my favorite manufacturer. Good thing I checked depth before inserting foot in mouth.

As far as I can tell, High Noon Holsters does NOT make leather for either model. I've checked several different models on the website (as different holsters are made for different pistols based on size, etc.) with no luck so far.

Best I can tell you is to start on this list, as it's the most extensive list of holster manufacturers you'll likely find on teh w3bz.

Hope that helps!


J.R.Shirley said...

Ah, George...wonder what he's been up to. Thanks for the link.