Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Lament/Guest Editorial

Unfortunately, some folks I am fairly close to have skewed ideas about power dynamics. They want equal rights for women and minorities (as do I), but also say they want things like universal health care. The issue is power. These people (let's call them Rainbow Warriors) believe ardently that people should have power and choice. So, the Rainbow Warriors* vote for liberals who claim to be for these things.

Which does not adequately consider that the way to "give" everyone health care is to take money from everyone, thereby reducing free choice and lessening individual power. It seems like a pretty simple concept to me.

Anyway, I have shamelessly lifted this from Philip without even asking:

The political realm is uniquely screwed up. You'd think things would be pretty straight forward, you just want the right politicians in power and things will go well. This doesn't take into account the fact that the government and politicians are inherently screwed up. So, let's say you get a president that you agree with in power. You then get a congress you agree with in power and judges you agree with in power. The problem then becomes that they agree with each other and there is nothing keeping them in check. The government serves us best when it is doing nothing.

So, when I look at presidential possibilities I have to consider their potential pairings in Congress. The pairing of a Democratic President and Congress is enough to make me cringe in fear. It would be a pairing of people I don't agree with, that agree with each other. I've said before that I'm not a fan of Republicans so much as I hate the Democrats. The problem with Democrats is that they seem to think it is their right to tell us how to live our lives. Our money isn't really our money, it's ill gotten goods that they can recover from us at will. Our property isn't really our property, it's just on loan from the government. The Democratic Party’s ideal is essentially socialism or communism. Redistribute as they see fit. They want to tell us what school we can attend, what retirement plan we can choose, what cars we can drive, what food we can eat, what we can own and what health care we can have.

On the latter note, here's what Hillary has in mind for healthcare: "going after people's wages, automatic enrollment": Hillary is the devil
What's that? That's just another example of the utopia that Democrats wish for us. Force us into a health plan of their choosing and just in case we might want freedom or something they will take the money from us lest we choose not to participate. Not only would we be losing our choice, we'd be mandated to pay for the only choice we have left. In other words, healthcare would work just like Social Security.

Who in the hell wants that?

*Sometimes called blissninnies, but I think that's a silly word.

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