Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This will be brief.

AVP2: Not as bad as expected. 1/2 star for the following dialog:
"We need guns."
"The national guard will be here soon."
"Not soon enough."
(1/2 star has also been deducted for weird elements that have never been seen before appearing in the fiction. No, I'm not a comic book geek weirdo. How can anyone NOT be enthralled by the basic Alien vs. Predator story?) 3 stars. Especially good to watch while drunk.

Die Hard 31, er, Die Hard With a Vengeance, three stars.

In Hitman, Timothy Olyphant does a workmanlike job, but I believe director Xavier Gens is to blame for the over-dramatism. 2.5 stars, including a .5 star (yes, I know I'm being inconsistent) deduction for one character wielding a belt-fed in each hand with reasonable accuracy.

Alone in the Dark. Obviously NOT a movie I chose. Uwe Boll continues his plodding path as the worst movie director EVER, and we learn Christian Slater and Tara Reid have nowhere down to go, other than porno. 1 of 5 stars.


KrAzY3 said...

You watched a Uwe Boll movie? Poor guy, you do know it's all just a German tax dodge right? I covered this on my forum. In the least it should have provided a valid argument to get out of watching it.

I didn't watch any of those except Die Hard with a Vengeance. I might watch AVP2 though, at least it isn't PG-13 like the first one. You just can't have a decent action movie that's PG-13...

The last movie I watched that I really enjoyed was Planet Terror. Robert Rodriguez seemed to get all the things right that Tarantino got wrong in Death Proof.

J.R.Shirley said...

I kind of pitched a fit- but it really illustrated my point to Jordy.