Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Racist Gun Control

Larry Correia lays it on the line here: I do have some news for the people that take issue with me. I’m not just selling guns to racist stormtrooper hillbillies. I’m selling guns to everybody. My customer base looks more like America than Barack Obama’s cabinet. I’ve sold guns to people who don’t speak English. I’ve sold guns to Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, Mormons, Catholics, Muslims, Buddists, Wiccans, Lesbians, a Democrat state legislator, the head of a union that supported Obama, and your momma.

Self defense is a human right. Ironically it is the so-called champions of freedom and diversity and acceptance that want all of us to be defensless and dependant on the teat of government to protect our sorry asses. It isn’t just people like me that are worried about having guns banned. I’ve sold piles of guns to brand new people recently. People who have never in their life thought about it, but are worried now. I’ve sold guns in the last month to HIPPIES. I didn’t even know we had those anymore!

Everybody needs guns.


Matt G said...
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Assrot said...

It's amazing heh? One of my sons-in-law has some hippie friends and lately every time I go visit and some of them are around, they are asking me about guns. Where to buy, what to buy, etc.

It appears that the light bulb came on after they all voted for Mr. Hopey Changey. Now they're all afraid that he really will take away everyone's guns and where most of them live you need a house gun just to survive.

I gladly answer their questions along with a short lecture on why a person should actually do some research before they vote rather than just listen to the MSM and their lefty college professor.

I think Mr. Obama might have brought about some change already but it's not the kind he had in mind.

One can only hope.