Saturday, December 20, 2008

Goodbye, Mr. D.

Yesterday was the end of the semester for Buttress. During the past week, I've given the class several days during which they could do an in-class assignment to make up for work they had missed, or complete one of the two most recent tests. I was able to submit all grades from this semester before leaving Friday.

Most of the staff from the school met at the Road Runner Cafe after the work day ended. My mentor teacher is retiring, and we wanted to celebrate his many years of exemplary service. It must be a bitter sweet moment for many, but everyone seemed to have a great time, and with some reason: the place was clean, the food was delicious and reasonably priced, and drinks weren't expensive. I'm a bit apprehensive about teaching on my own this coming semester, but I'm excited about having a real job and making decent money again.

I really worked hard to let my students earn decent grades. I spoke with them all before the semester ended, letting them know their grade status, and what they needed to do to pull that up. Many of them managed to do that, and I also helped them by dropping some of the lowest daily grades and each student's lowest test grade. My metrics looked like this:

Class Statistics
US His Period 1
29 Scores
Mean Score: 82.571
Median Score: 89.041
High Score: 97.676
Low Score: 11.77

Class Statistics
US His Period 3
27 Scores
Mean Score: 74.972
Median Score: 84.824
High Score: 94.803
Low Score: 29.689

Class Statistics
US His Period 4
29 Scores
Mean Score: 85.650
Median Score: 91.103
High Score: 101.27
Low Score: 39.9

Class Statistics
US His Period 7
30 Scores
Mean Score: 86.380
Median Score: 92.9255
High Score: 108.38
Low Score: 19.616

Class Statistics
Augusta His Period 6
14 Scores
Mean Score: 93.151
Median Score: 94.3565
High Score: 105.04
Low Score: 83.41

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