Monday, December 8, 2008

Budget Triple Feature

Vice is a 2008 movie starring Michael Madsen and Daryl Hannah. It's a would-be gritty cop flick. It might not be a horrible choice if you want to feel there are no innocents, like Michael Madsen (who I have decided is properly relegated to supporting roles), and are drunk. 2.5/5 stars.

Dance of the Dead is a 2008 zomedy. (Yeah, Larry Correia, I just made that up.) It's a low-budget, frequently milked for laughs, teen reject vs. monster flick. And it's not at all bad, as those go. If you're in the mood for some laughs with occasional gore, this could be the way to go. It's rare for a movie to both have me laugh out loud and also shriek "NO!" at the screen at least once. 3/5 stars.

Ghost House Pictures produced Dance of the Dead, so I thought I might take a chance on No Man's Land: the Rise of Reeker. I should have taken a hint from the title, 'cause, baby, this one stinks. After a somewhat atypical opening scene, the movie goes on to fumble badly by trying special effects that cannot be reasonably done within their $50 budget (and it had to be fifty dollars, because if they paid more than that, they got taken). And it has frequently horrible dialog. The best part of this movie was bagging on it, Mystery Science Theater 3000-style. 1.5/5 stars. I'm a little disappointed, because Michael Robert Brandon can manage to look innocent and morph to truly, intensely, creepy.

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HollyB said...

"zomedy"...Love it!