Monday, March 16, 2009

Lies and Damned Lies

Georgia Representative State Representative Tim Bearden filed a lawsuit to stop the city of Atlanta from arresting concealed carry license holders who carried on public transportation or in the public areas of airports. These actions should be legal according to new Georgia law HB 89. The lawsuit was dismissed, and the dismissal was upheld in federal appeals court (according to the judges) because the law was not meant to include airports.

This is a bit odd, considering Tim Bearden wrote the bill and should know what he said, and very clearly, what he meant. Full story here. Idiots and fools. At least we can see there are a few good politicians in the state.

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The Lily said...

georgia has a long and storied past with crazy politicians. I cite: Bob Barr, Cynthia Mckinney (aka the repeat offender), and ralph abernathy jr. Makes things interesting to say the least.