Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Heard in the Distance

Some things change. This is the way of life. There are times when I am briefly able to view humanity as I imagine a truly all-loving god would. In these times, love is the only feeling that matters, for any transgressions or faults are as nothing compared to the immensity of love felt. It would be beautiful to always feel that way, I suppose.

Here is a picture from a little over four years ago, from New Year's Eve, 2004-2005. If I let myself, perhaps I can just love the faulty, fragile humans in the picture. If you love enough, forgiveness isn't even a question.

I obviously need more love.


Timbo said...

Nicely stated, but I have had to come to grips that letting the anger go is about as forgiving as I can be, and I burned all the pictures. I like that you are able to get there, though.

What can I say? She changed me forever, for the better and the worse.

Unknown said...

I love you John!

J.R.Shirley said...

Well...I'm not saying I'm there yet, Timbo.

I love you, too, little buddy.


Matt G said...

There's love for you, waiting for you. If you'll see it.

HollyB said...

You can't choose the person with whom you fall in love, the heart wants what it wants.

However, forgiving old loves for the disappointment and pain is the first step towards finding the unexpected love that fall into your lap when you least expect it.

You have been in my thoughts a lot lately, I need to call you.