Friday, March 6, 2009

Triple Threat of Love

Observant readers may notice there are three Van Halen songs to the lower right of the page. I inexplicably went through a couple-hour phase of listening to Van Halen on YouTube last night. To me, many of their songs have a sound that- despite at least one of the three shown being first sung in the 70s- is signature 80s, with everything good and bad that implies.

After I finished my orgy of Van Halen listening, I ordered their Greatest Hits I. Then to salve my conscience, I ordered another copy of Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms.


Todd said...

VH is an indulgence, at least up to the point when Halen became Hagar. Can't stomach what came after the transition! VH was the soundtrack to high school for me, from Diver Down on the bus to driver's ed to 1984 laying down the vibe for Spring Break.

Brothers in Arms came out right as I was graduating and right after my father's death. Always will hit a nerve with me when I listen.

HollyB said...

Mark Knopler is a genius.

Home on the Range said...

Brother in Arms played on the little tape player in my airplane for the longest time. Not loud enough that I couldn't hear Air Traffic, but enough to propel me forward.

Great music.