Friday, August 31, 2007

Spyderco Dodo

This is one of the Little Big Knives of Spyderco, designed to offer real cutting performance in knives as visually inoffensive as possible. This knife has a 2 1/6" blade, with the sharpened area only 1 3/4" long. It manages to use that space effectively, with a downward curving tip that's great for opening boxes and detail work.

The Dodo is designed to look innocuous, and fit into environments that allow knives, but limit blade length. The handle is long enough for a very comfortable and firm grip, and comes to a point at the pommel, giving strike or pressure capability. The ball bearing lock is incredibly strong, and would only fail if the bearing is crushed (meaning the blade will fail first). CPM S30V steel is tough and holds its edge a very long time. An excellent, if odd-looking, knife at a very reasonable price.


Matt G said...

Seems kind of special-duty. For general cutting, I like me some belly. I know, I know-- belly means length.

Frankly, that may well be a knife with some use for my uniform pocket-- I'll bet it's a seatbelt-slicing mo-chine.

J.R.Shirley said...

I'm certain it would be, and the angling should make beginning the cut super easy.