Sunday, August 26, 2007

Updated Matrimony Plans

Little Momma's unexpectedly extended hospital stay means less time for Jordy and I to do things, and certainly means Little Momma can't have much involvement in the wedding ceremony. We have decided to push back the ceremony until Spring. If you live in TX or TN, DISREGARD! THIS WAS ONLY A DRILL! (But keep those wedding invitations. I'm sure they'll be worth something someday.)

In other news, my Adductor Longus and Adductor Magnus are now recovered enough for me to walk without pain. Guess I won't do six sets on the Hip Adductor machine next time!


Tam said...

I was just about to open the mail, too...

HollyB said...

AS I said on the phone the other day...I'm saving that RSVP card. I'll just mail it in the Spring when you set the NEW date. I'm efficient and thrifty that way. That's why the Dearly Beloved is such a rich man. *L*