Sunday, September 2, 2007

Returns, Co-Pilots, Send-offs

Little Momma was brought home from Walton Rehab yesterday morning. She felt a little weird and perhaps anxious at being out of a medical environment after the better part of two months in one. She still receives a dose of IV antibiotic every 18 hours, and I learned SASH yesterday: Saline, Antibiotic, Saline, Heparin.
We set up the hospital bed Friday night, but LM found it uncomfortable, so Big Daddy and I broke it down, and set the Sleep Number back up. We're doing pretty well, so far.

A Spyderco Co-Pilot II came in Friday from my friends at New Graham. The original Co-Pilot was designed to be a knife that could be taken onto airplanes, which is obviously no longer allowed in the US. This is a very elegant and useful gentleman's knife. A positive/negative is the extremely thin handle . This will be very easy to insert into a pocket, like a traditional pocketknife. Unfortunately, this same very flat profile will mean the clip will not hold the knife in place as well as a larger and thicker Spyderco.

I gave the Co-Pilot and a good RC flashlight to a friend of mine who's currently in the Army's Basic Leadership Course II, with the advice that he tie a lanyard to the Spydie if he planned on keeping it in his pocket.


phlegmfatale said...

I'm so relieved LM is home and that y'all have found a way to make her comfortable. I'll be happy for her when she gets rid of the PICC line and no longer needs all the meds. Getting mine pulled out a few weeks ago was a major milestone.

J.R.Shirley said...

She'll be happy about that. She was just told today that her (hopefully) last surgery won't be tomorrow, but delayed until Monday.