Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Old Friend

For all my suggestions to others to carry two lights, wouldn't you know it- I got in a hurry to make sure I caught my flight out to visit a sister DRMO site, at the last minute and went off without my ElZetta. As I drove with Chief A to the fixed wing terminal, he suggested that I take the opportunity while I was at the larger base to go out to a FOB, instead of waiting until I returned to LNK. Great idea!

A day and a half later, I found myself outside at a decent-sized FOB that, in most areas, was pitch-black at night. Fortunately, I did take some of my own advice! I have tried a variety of small keychain lights, and after years of experience and trial and error, I strongly suggest the Photon 2. The Photon 2 puts out a very useful light that lasts for an extremely long time, and it is tough (for comparison, I have broken three of the marginally less expensive Inova microlights, but never broken a Photon). Further, the price relative to inflation has actually gone down over the years.

I had a Photon 2 as I flew into Kuwait, on the way to Afghanistan. I noticed a specialist with a 25th Infantry patch, and after talking to him, found that he was in the same battalion I had been in when I was at Fort Lewis. Before I flew out, I gave the specialist the Photon 2 I had on my keychain. Fortunately, when I asked for Christmas gifts for my team, one generous soul (bless you), sent extra- including red Photons. Since my team was covered, I felt comfortable taking one for myself, as well.

I have never been as thankful for that little red light as out on that dark FOB. The light was bright enough to keep me from running into several objects that I would not have seen otherwise, without so much light that it would have been an issue on the almost completely blacked-out base. But remember, kids- two lights are better, even if you think you don't or won't need them.

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