Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here, kitty-kitty!

Today I gave up on finding my card reader and bought another one while I was at Wal-Mart. Since they're both made in China, I'm not really sure why the one from Wal-Mart was twice as much as my last one (which was a swoopy green, too)! I have noticed a tendency recently for Wal-Mart to frequently not have the lowest prices on an item. I'm going to say that's because they undercut the competition enough for them to go out of business, and now Wally World can raise their prices.

Anyway, here are pictures of Big Momma and Baby. Big Momma's picture looks odd, but then, so does Big Momma.

Baby is lying atop her favorite toy. She'll bring it to you in case you forgot she has a toy you should be sharing with her!

Reason #228 dogs are better than cats: a good dog who is given reasonable potty breaks will not pee on your carpet. I *know* even a cat should be able to tell the difference between carpet and cat litter. These are some of the coolest cats I've met, and they still are down around the level of the worst dogs, when it comes to likability. Except for Chihuahuas and Chows. They, like almost all cats, are pure spawn of the fallen one, or something.


Snigglefrits said...

If you ever really wondered which loves you more- put a cat and a dog in the trunk of your car for 15 minutes. Open it & see which is actually happy to see you.

Despite their likability issues, your cats are pretty animals.

Tam said...

Big Momma makes me miss Mittens. :(

She's so cute!

J.R.Shirley said...

Oh, heck, Cindy, these are *likable* cats. They're just not dogs.

Tam, despite not really being that old, Big Momma looks like a wizened Mama-san to me!