Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Shooting

I have twice in the last month had the pleasure of joining my friend Sam in Pennsylvania for shooting and socializing.

The first time, our buddy Ken was able to shoot with us as well, though sickness interfered the second time.

I hadn't had the chance to meet Sam and Ken in person previously, though I've corresponded with Ken online for three years or more, and with Sam, for at least two. Both were skilled shooters, and kind teachers to my less experienced trip companions. It was a great experience, though there were a few..."issues".

Pros: everyone had a great time, we got to shoot some new firearms, we got to finally really put some faces to people that had previously only been voices and words on a screen, and a safe time was had by all.

Cons: my Rossi 7.62x39mm not only won't fire Russian ammunition, it won't reliably fire Winchester ammunition, nor the handloads Sam had. My Remington 7600 .35 Whelen was discovered to have some rust in the chamber (but some CLP and a good scrubbing remedied that- Sam then put two rounds into touching holes at 50 meters using a Williams aperture sight). Easily the most distressing of all was my beautiful Territorial Gunsmiths custom .35 Whelen, which was previously unfired. Despite's still unfired. Here's hoping it's a simple fix, since the TG .35 is one of my two most expensive rifles.

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Old NFO said...

Ouch on the no shoots, hope they are simple fixes... Glad you did get some range time though!