Monday, January 19, 2009

Tomorrow, tomorrow

Tomorrow is a historic day. It is one that I both welcome and dread. I welcome a country that accepts people regardless of the color of their skin, and I celebrate our first president "of color", annoying as I find that expression. At the same time, I am angered and frustrated that the color of a man or woman's skin means a damn thing, other than whether you personally find that shade attractive- rather like hair or eye color. I'm most often attracted to petite brunettes around 5'4", and skin color should mean about that darn much, no more important than whether you prefer blonde or redhead, blue, brown, or green eyes.

Our incoming president's politics will be considerably different, and some believe a combination of genes and politics will cause the skies to open and rain Skittles and fairies and unicorns will frolic, and all will be well as the Messiah reins. Others believe the earth will split and life as will know it will end for all eternity as the Antichrist makes himself known.

Brothers and sisters, neither one will happen. Our new president will make choices, choices that I hope will be good in general, but that will probably be on the other end of the political spectrum from what I believe works and is appropriately Constitutional. He will attempt to give away money that is not his, and take actions for which there is no Constitutional justification. He will attempt some defacto nationalization. But life will not suddenly become glorious, and no matter how stupid or mistaken he might be, he is only one man. If Franklin Delano Roosevelt couldn't kill the country in twelve years, Barack Hussein Obama II, the Chicago politician, certainly won't be able to. So, relax. And sleep well tonight. Tomorrow, after all, is just another day.


Old NFO said...

Well said Sir, well said... Sadly I believe you are dead on the money.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Will Shetterly, whose politics I often don't agree with but who is very bright and perceptive man, has noted that we have the words 'racist' and anti-racist', but haven't yet really gotten a word for 'race is unimportant'.

I am happy to be a member of a nation that may often judge a man -and woman - on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. By the content of his character I find my new president to be lacking - but it is, as you point out, only four years. We shall prevail, because we are a better people and a stronger nation than that.

Jenny said...

I'm still agnostic on what would be left after the effects of 4-8 years of Very Left policies, honestly. Sure, FDR didn't manage to kill us, but he sure as heck crippled us for a good long while - and some damage we've never recovered (NFA anyone?). Further, the economic foundation hadn't been rotting away under the floorboards for forty years when he kicked off the New Deal.

As to whether we'll get 4-8 years of Very Left? No idea. Could be the worst of it is fought off and Congress changes hands in 2010 and we're back to gridlock.

Or not. Time will tell.