Saturday, September 20, 2008

and The Walls Came Tumbling Down!

We had a field trip Friday. Thirty-one students and Mr. D and I went to the oldest house in Augusta, and then to the local history museum. Our time was cut somewhat short by discovering that our bus driver had to be at another school by 1430. Still, the day was lovely, sunny but with just a tiny, beautiful taste of early Fall cool.

There was a faculty meeting after school. Dr. R. had the dubious privilege of finding he was being transferred in the Augusta Chronicle yesterday morning. The Richmond Country superintendent spoke after Dr. R. announced to us that he was being moved. Doctor Super reminded everyone that Buttress hadn't made any of its academic goals last year, and combined with the numerous fights this year, he claimed there had been many calls for action. DS also apologized for what he characterized as an unintended leak to the press.

I really have to say: if I were in the Super Shoes, if I was forced to confirm that one of my employees was being moved in this manner- and that employee hadn't been notified yet- you'd better believe I would be on the phone to that employee as soon as the press hung up. I suppose that's just too Super Simple.

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