Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beary Funny?

Seems the story ended happily for all concerned. Both parties are still alive. Hard to believe some dumbass was shooting pictures instead of bullets, though!


Assrot said...

I don't see where bullets were necessary. Most humans are smarter than the average bear and can get in the truck and lock the door.

What's the need to kill the bear unless it actually attacked? I might have shot a couple of rounds in a safe direction for all to get the bears attention so the person could get in his truck.

I think the bear was probably protecting what he believed to be his or her property from a trespasser. Would you not do the same if you found some hairless ape looking creature in your yard?

I don't understand why the first thing that comes to mind with some folks is to kill when there are other options.


J.R.Shirley said...


If the human escaped, he was very, very lucky. He *did not* have time to get into the truck.

By the time it "actually attacked"- i.e., had physically struck the human- might be too late. Just getting tackled by a 600-lb animal might cause irreparable damage.

There were no other good immediate options, unless someone else could distract the bear. I can see that at a glance.