Monday, July 22, 2013

It Begins Again

The Stuff
I moved to Maryland in early 2011, not eager to actually be in Maryland, but happy to leave my unhappy associations of Virginia behind.  I've lived near Andrews Air Force Base since then, and in general, life has been very good.  I've had a lot of really great times in a comparatively brief span, and for that, I'm grateful. 

I'm happy M and I were able to find a place quickly when we needed to, and it was comparatively affordable, considering the insane housing prices in the area.  But, the rent is continuing to creep up here while we are running out of space to properly house us and Boy and Dog when they visit.  I don't have room to set up a reloading bench.  And the neighborhood here in Prince George's County isn't great.

We're moving to Columbia next month.  I would be happy to be in another state, but we will be in a much nicer neighborhood, close to many great restaurants, gyms, and within walking distance of a dojo I want to attend.  And I will have space to set up my loading bench, finally. 

Life is change, but change can be good.


Rova said...

More room and civil amenities you enjoy make this sound like a very good idea; timely. I'll send more coffee to cover the likely increased consumption if that's okay.

charlotte g said...

It sounds great. Quality of life is a wonderful thing.

Old NFO said...

Too bad you can't get back across the River...

J.R.Shirley said...

Your coffee is always greatly appreciated. :-)

There is a lot to recommend Columbia. The city planners deliberately laid it out where most neighborhoods are within walking distances of shops, schools, and amenities.

Yes, I'd prefer VA politically, despite my negative memories.


charlotte g said...

John, I'm still laughing.