Friday, June 7, 2013

The Best Movie You've Never Heard Of

Minor spoilers follow.


Triple Tap, 2010.
Trip Tap is really two movies that director Tung Shing Yee foolishly tried to combine.  First, there is a fairly straightforward story about a world-class handgun shooter who stumbles into a bank robbery as he's returning from a competition.  This movie is extremely valuable, and it deals with some very important concepts: combat mindset, survivor's guilt, societal responsibility, and when moral people choose to act.  It shows a lot of knowledge about shooting in general, and also displays some of the best technical knowledge I've seen in a movie, some of it specific to the Asian market (for instance, Airsoft replicas are huge in Asia, and some of them are close enough in construction for parts to exchange with real firearms- the ATF has prosecuted at least one importer of M16 Airsoft replicas because the receiver can be used to build a working AR15 or M16).  My only complaints are that muzzle discipline during the competition could have been better, and that the third round of a "triple tap" doesn't go next to the other two.  This movie ends after a court scene.
4.5 of 5 stars

The second movie in Triple Tap is a psychological detective thriller.  In this movie, there's a good bit of implausibility in general.  All the technically correct elements of the first movie are gone, replaced by typical Hollyweird nonsense like shooting weapons out of people's hands.
2 of 5 stars

If you take this movie as a whole, it averages out to a reasonably respectable three stars, which isn't bad for a Hong Kong flick.  I don't think this is truly fair, though, because the first half or so, extending to the end of the hospital scene, is great.  It tells a complete story, and if you only ever watch this part, I think you'll enjoy this movie despite the subtitles and get a good deal of food for thought.


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