Sunday, May 26, 2013

Small Impact Tool Basics

I frequently suggest 2-cell AA or 123 flashlights as being one of the best small weapons to carry if firearms are not an option.  It is easier for someone with little or no training to stop someone quickly with a small blunt object than with a small knife.

BUT, some people have no idea where to start.  It really isn't enough to know how to hit someone with a flashlight or a pen.  You have to consider factors, like knowing where trouble is likely to be, and not being there.  I wrote an article about it here.  I also reluctantly added some video for illustrative purpose.  There was a lot of wind, but at least the point should be clear.


Anonymous said...

Reluctantly added perhaps, but always useful.
I always have to laugh at myself, 'punch as you normally would' always gets a 'eh!!?' from my brain. I've never punched something in my life. And I know I'm not alone in that. Actually, because for years I worked with difficult horses, my instinct is an open-handed slap followed by an elbow.
keys, fingernails, body language, and dumb luck have been my arsenal for too long. (about the only other tool comes from an interesting night/lesson in why Glasgow banned glass in pubs...)

J.R.Shirley said...

Thanks for mentioning that.

As someone who usually uses that type of swinging smack, you can use an identical motion holding a light, you just strike with the second joints, instead of the knuckles. An easy combination using what's natural for you would be:

These are in approximate order of force, too, so the smack can stun, elbow follows up, and hammer hopefully incapacitates. The hammer strike should also recover your arm back in front of your body, ready to defend or strike again.

We in the US tend to underestimate the power of an open-hand strike. Maximize its power by cupping your hand slightly, like you're holding an egg or a tablespoon's worth of water. This will transmit much more force than a stinging flat-handed slap.