Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gone, but Not Forgotten

Another Memorial Day has come and gone, leaving our departed comrades in the peace that sometimes escaped them in life.

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Windy Wilson said...

Evey year on Memorial Day I watch the Band of Brothers episodes Currahee, Day of Days, Why We Fight, and the interview with the real soliders.

Every Uncle I had wore the uniform of the United States, either in that war or (if they were too young) in the Korean War.
My dad narrowly missed going to the Solomons in mid 1942 only because he had pneumonia and appendicitis one after the other in basic. The next unit out went to Trinidad, where he built barracks for the people building Waller Army Air Field for the Army Air Corps Ferrying Command's program of ferrying airplanes to different war zones. His Uncle was career Navy and survived the attack on the Savannah at Salerno in 1943.

I have met cousins who wore the uniform for the other side in that war. One cousin who I did not meet, was imprisoned by the Soviets for 7 years after WW2 and sadly, came home just long enough to die of a kidney ailment acquired during his captivity.

Lots to think about on Memorial Day.