Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Friends and Tools

I like knives.  I like talking about knives, and I like designing knives.  I suggested to Sam Owens in late 2010 that he consider making knives, and that was towards the beginning of what has become a very valuable friendship and enriching continual learning experience.  Sam is a genuinely great guy, patient and kind, appreciative, dependable, and hard-working.  It is a pleasure to know him, and an honor to be able to design tools with such a promising craftsman. 

Before Sam and I worked together, I had a relationship with Eric Draven.  I met Eric through my moderation of the Non-Firearm Weapons forum on TheHighRoad.org.  Eric and I began corresponding through PM and email, and even began speaking frequently on the phone.  I gave Eric advice on how to better market his products, ideas for new products to exploit niches he was covering, and designed several knives with him.  Eric and I sent each other gifts- I sent him a Himalayan Imports kukuri, and he sent me a hat, and a few small knick-knacks he'd made. 

I was hoping to help Eric make a series of small knives that would be priced within the range of most "knife people".  I suggested names for the knives, and we hashed the details of what the knives should look and feel like.  I finally sent him a total of $410 for four small knives and shipping.  Eric claimed a few problems in production, my last email from him being in February of 2011...and then, I never heard from him again. 

The four on the left of the top pic I designed with Eric.
I'm sad about how this ended.  I considered Eric a friend.  Outside of my personal feelings, our working relationship seemed like a good way for him to get some badly needed advice and perspective, and for me to see some neat items brought into the world.  I've lost a lot more from some friendships, though, so I suppose I was lucky to only lose $410.

On a happier note, here are some Daily Kiris.  :-)   The left is the first Daily Kiri-EC (Extended Choil).  It's been used quite a bit, so the GunKote is starting to show some wear.  The middle Super Daily Kiri is 35VN steel.  The right knife is a 3V Daily Kiri with GunKote and paper micarta scales.

With 87mm Persian 2 for scale.
Sam, you're a great friend.  Thanks.

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Old NFO said...

Nice looking knives, and yes, sometimes things just don't work out. We just deal with it and move on, as you have!