Monday, April 15, 2013

Custom EDC Blades for Sale

I have two smal fixed blades for sale.  Both knives are based on traditional Japanese knives, with modern materials and design enhancements.  Both were designed by Sam Owens and I, and made by Sam.  Heat treat is by Bos.  Neither have been used or sharpened.

The first is my little Super Daily Kiri.  This is an extremely useful small knife based on the kiridashi.  Unlike most kiridashis, this is not "chisel ground", so the blade won't tend to cut unevenly.  I wanted the Daily Kiri to be a great task knife, and it is, but one of the first recipients is a woman who says it is also an ideal small defensive knife...and that it doesn't set off the metal detectors at her work.  The shape of the blade and the choil combine to make this knife very safe to use.  This one is in 440C.  "440" has gotten a bad reputation because of 440A and B, but  440C is a great compromise between rust resistance, strength, and edge holding.

Model:     Super Daily Kiri
Steel:        440C
Handle:     Pale jade G10
Length:     1.5" cutting edge
Weight:     1.6 oz
Sheath:      Kydex dangler/pocket
L-R: Perrin pen for scale, Daily Kiri, Samto

The second knife is the first defensive-size prototype of what I call the "Samto".  I've been encouraging my buddy Sam Owens to make a tanto-shaped blade for a while.  This one has a real tanto blade shape, but with the additional security and control of a choil.  This is one of the first knives Sam has made in super-premium S35VN.  The handle is a beautiful black G10 with green streaks.  The very secure Kydex sheath is fitted wtih a Mini Tek-Lok appropriate for dress belts.  It is currently configured for left-side hande-up OWB carry, but can be changed in two minutes to right side, and horizontal or inverted wear.  I'm not a big fan of horizontal carry, but on a slim knife like this it could be carried on the belt line very unobtrusively.

Model:     Samto 33
Steel:       S35VN
Handle:    Black and green G10
Length:    3.3" cutting edge
Weight:    2.6 oz
Sheath:     Kydex with small Tek-Lok

Money order or personal check are preferred.


Old NFO said...

Nice ones, any plans for production?

J.R.Shirley said...

Well, Sam makes them individually. Spyderco looked at the Daily Kiris, but isn't making them at this time for 2 reasons.

First, Spyderco usually loses money on neck knives.
Second, cost. With a kydex sheath and G10, Spyderco would have to charge $100 or more to make a profit. Most folks aren't going to pay that much for a production knife that isn't a huge, deadly-looking "fighter".