Sunday, March 31, 2013

Those Were the Days

Yesterday was amazingly beautiful, sunny and mildly cool, with an occasional breeze.  Temperatures were in the high fifties but the "Real Feel" was about ten degrees higher.  I took a boy and a dog for a stroll in the Green Belt park.

Green Belt is not a huge park, but any time you're going to be outside, and more than a few minutes away from a vehicle or shelter, a few things are a good idea to have.  Water, spare socks and an extra shirt, and a lightweight water-resistant jacket are the bare necessities.  At least a little food is also a good idea, though it's not nearly as important as water.  RC got the Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Predator pack, which (though unnecessarily aggressive-sounding- I think it rounds the corner into Fairy Land) is a good lightweight hydration daypack, and I had my trusted Camelbak HAWG, which I've used extensively for the last ten years.  The HAWG is slightly more capacious and heavier than the Predator, but they're both good packs.

Young RC tends to dawdle, so I encouraged him to speed up by giving him Stella's leash, pulling out my Soto Pocket Torch, and lighting up a Perdomo Champagne Noir.


That did the trick.

RC and Stella

And the cigar was good, too. ;-)

It was a good time, and great exercise.  One of the great tragedies of our modern life is how little exercise many US youngsters get.  Some of the responsibility is theirs, certainly, but we adults can do our part by sharing activities and demonstrating healthy behaviors.

A beautiful day, and a dog to share it with.


Old NFO said...

Doesn't get any better, unless you're at the range later! :-)

J.R.Shirley said...

True enough. He likes going to the range, too.

Rova said...

What? No coffee?

Any discretionary time spent outside is a refueling for a smile and a sense of humor (IMO).