Saturday, March 23, 2013

In the Air Today

 I visited a back doctor Monday, and took a PT test Wednesday.  While I passed, saying my run time was "not great" would be generous.  I'm going to take another APFT in two weeks, to get a score closer to what I usually get.  I obviously need to build up some leg muscle and endurance, but my back hurts too badly from the test Wednesday to run.  What to do...

The first day of Spring was just two days ago, allegedly.  I was certain someone had screwed up a calculation, but today was green, sunny, and not too cold or windy. I thought a brisk walk would be a good way to get some exercise and conditioning while still staying inside my current physical limits.  Today even Maryland was beautiful.

I guess even Maryland can be attractive in a certain light

I was walking fast, and Stella was eager to go fast, too.  We burned out three miles in 43 minutes, including a cool down.

A dog, a beautiful day, and a stretch of road.
A bit later in the day, I took RC a little over a mile up the road to Lowe's, where we looked at plants.  Most herbs still aren't being sold yet, but berries and some shrubs are already selling.  As we walked back, we saw a falcon perched in a tree.  I think he was enjoying the day, too.

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