Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Truth About Love

No, not over-sharing.  This is the title of Pink's album, which came out in September 2012, shortly before I left Afghanistan. I bought it instantly via download from Amazon.

Pink's last album, Funhouse, was a masterpiece, full of wit and rock, innovative and thorough in exploring themes ranging from rejection by your significant other ("So What" and "I Don't Believe You") to hardcore party-girl wondering how to cope with life without social lubricants ("Sober") to dealing with high-emotion relationships ("Please Don't Leave Me") and wondering at the confusion and crisis of modern life ("Ave Maria").  Even her slow Aerosmith-flavored "Mean" with Steven Tyler backing her up- my least favorite song on the album- isn't bad.  I would call Funhouse a very solid and enjoyable 4/5 stars.

After that last terrific album, I expected The Truth About Love to be, even if not as incredibly good, at least very strong.  I was disappointed.  The Truth About Love has a something of a funky 60-era sound, but the songs don't seem as clever or well-written as previous Pink offerings, and they certainly don't flow as well.  Here's an example comparing the first single from The Truth About Love to "Funhouse".

"Blow Me (One Last Kiss)"

You think I'm just too serious
I think you're full of s*
My head is spinning, so
Blow me one last kiss
Just when it can't get worse, I've had a s* day
Have you had a s* day? We've had a s* day
I think that life's too short for this, I want my ignorance and bliss
I think I've had enough of this, blow me one last kiss.

Compare the writing to that of Funhouse's title track:

Echoes knocking on locked doors
All the laughter from before
I'd rather live out on the street
Than in this haunted memory

I've called the movers
Called the maids
We'll try to exorcise this place
Drag my mattress to the yard
Crumble tumble house of cards

This used to be a funhouse
But now it's full of evil clowns
It's time to start the countdown
I'm gonna burn it down down down
I'm gonna burn it down

The Truth About Love's songs range from okay ("Here Comes the Weekend", "Beam Me Up") to mediocre (""Walk of Shame") to the outright annoying, nails-on-chalkboard "songs" like "Slut Like You" and "Are We All We Are".

If I had to do it again, instead of buying the entire album, I would just download the bluesy, gospel-influenced "The Great Escape", and put it on repeat.  Unless you are an absolute incredible fan of Pink, I would skip the rest.  If you haven't listened to any Pink, I strongly suggest Funhouse, which is what Pink should sound like.


Don said...

I really like "Try" and "Just Give Me a Reason," (I hope those are from the right album. . .) Anyway, I realize that's in large part because they both happened to deal with some troubles in my real life at a time when I was trying to understand, and maybe if you don't have that added impetus, they're not so striking.

P!nk continues to be my guilty pleasure that makes people look at me funny.

J.R.Shirley said...

Both "Try" and "Just Give Me a Reason" are from The Truth About Love,. They're definitely not the "nails on chalkboard" songs on the album. If you haven't listened to Funhouse, I think you'll like it. :-)

J.R.Shirley said...

...I will say I would like "Just Give Me a Reason" a lot more if someone else sang the part voiced by Ruess. Except for his voice, it would probably be my favorite song on the album.

Old NFO said...

Glad I'm too deaf to spend the money... :-P