Thursday, December 6, 2012

eGear for the Holidays

I recently picked up an eGear PICO Zipper Light. I'd heard friends talk about them, and it was an inexpensive light to try- and, hey, I like lights.  A few days later I noticed the eGear Jolt Mini USB Rechargeable Flashlightwhile at L.L. Bean.  These are both inexpensive, neat, and useful little lights for yourself or a friend or family member.  The Jolt also quickly recharges out of USB ports, so no worries about finding batteries.*  There's a quick initial review of both lights up at Shooting Reviews.
Fully charged Jolt
I would probably be remiss if I didn't mention my favorite orange-beam Photon II LED .  I have used probably 40 or more different key-chain lights, and the Photon II is still my overall favorite.  The orange combines good illumination, long battery life (over 120 hours on a single replaceable CR2032  !), and preservation of night vision.  One of these lasted me about half of my deployment (not the same Photon I started with, since I give stuff away to troops who can use them).  The Photon II is still ridiculously cheap for a quality product with a lifetime guarantee.

*The downside to rechargeable lights is that they slowly lose charge, so the Pico would be a better light stashed somewhere to only use if the power suddenly fails.

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