Saturday, May 5, 2012

RIP, Adam Yauch

The Beastie Boys were misunderstood.  They played a part, and got stuck playing it for years, even though it was just a stage personna.  But it sold.

Most of us never saw the thoughtful, intelligent people behind the loud, rude boys on stage.  But they were there.  After they'd been around a while, they began to feel free to come out a little bit and be themselves.  Here's an interview with Adam Yauch from January, 1995.

Adam Yauch died yesterday, after a several-year battle with cancer.

Here are their greatest hits

This second link is the type of music many people wouldn't associate with the Beastie Boys.  If you only heard the swaggering white party boys, you should listen to this before you judge their ultimate ability- or influence.


Old NFO said...

Yep, they did a LOT behind the scenes... and they were good musicians! RIP Adam, RIP!

Home on the Range said...

They were musicians well beyond the raw talent level of many of that era and vastly underrated.

thank you for remembering.