Wednesday, July 6, 2011

News Flash!

The U.S economy in such bad shape, Mexicans are staying home.

In all seriousness, a series of factors seem to be involved in the decrease of illegal Mexican-U.S. immigration:

o Poor US economy
o Increased criminal penalties
o Improving Mexican economy
o Ease of legal immigration to U.S.


Old NFO said...

And more States passing laws that allow questioning of immigration status.... Don't forget that :-)

charlotte g said...

I have an hour to spout on all the above. Let's see. Cartels are destroying hopeful immigrants. (news on whole busloads decimated before they reach the botder.) Cayotes are killing them in the deserts and theya re hearing about it. Pay up here isn't so great. Construction is almost dead. Now the food police want to restrict the sweets their banos came up here to enjoy? (I can often spot illegals because their kids are fat. they aren't used to treats, carbos, etc. in Mexico.)