Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cigars and such

I heard from Major G again. After hearing how well received some cigars I gave to the Major had been with soldiers he shared them with, I decided to send more, and invited anyone who could to help me. Here's what the Major had to say about it:

Great to hear from you. The cigars are a hit here. I've shared with 1SG P, CPT S, SFC D and the rest of the guys. Even sent some down to the boys in the dets. I really appreciate it. They are great cigars. I have my humidifier here, so no worries, they get plenty of time in the box.

Having been deployed, I have suggestions for some things that go well in care packages. Besides the things you might think, like books and snacks, I especially appreciated sugar-free cough drops. In an area with so much dust in the air, I often could not sleep without a cough drop. Also, wet wipes are invaluable when in that environment with continual dust, especially since some areas do not have shower facilities.

If you were able to help in this particular case, thank you. You've brightened some soldiers' days. Even if you weren't able to help with the cigars, there are so many ways to support our deployed service members. Some of them you may not have considered, like asking families with deployed service members if there's some way you can help them. There's always something you can do. Do it.


Scott said...

Just finished collecting the last few cigars from my donors. I'll include wipes and sugar free cough drops as well. Good timing!

Home on the Range said...

Do you have any suggestions for mailing stuff to people serving in the military. My friend is in another country in the Air Force and a couple small packages with books and a ballcap never arrived.

Hope you are doing well John.

J.R.Shirley said...

Thanks, Scott. It'd be great to see you sometime this year, brother.

Brigid, that's a hard one. The most important point is to ensure the address is correct. If you know it is, and several packages have been lost, it may be time to add tracking to your packages, to see what's happening to them.

What time frame are we talking about? Depending on resupply missions, I've had mail take over a month before (of course, when it arrived, it was like Christmas and my birthday and every other special day combined).

I'm pretty good. Hoping to finally kick this sinus thing. On Azithromycin now.


Old NFO said...

I've been sending 2lb bags of starlight peppermints, in addition to hand wipes and beef jerky. And the address IS critical